Governance, Risk & Compliance

The Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) framework serves as a comprehensive approach to help organizations align their objectives, strategies, and operations in a way that minimizes risks, complies with applicable laws and regulations, and drives efficiency.
Some of the key advantages of adopting a GRC framework are:

Effective Risk Assessment

a GRC framework consolidates all risk assessments into a single platform, simplifying the identification of overlapping or correlated risks

Integrated Approach to Risk Mitigation

a centralized strategy and risk-scoring system help to uniformly apply risk mitigation measures across departments and functions

Improved Compliance with Regulations

automatic updates on regulatory changes,
continuous compliance monitoring and documentation

Reduced Cost

effective risk management supports the reduction of costs associated
with legal issues, data breaches, and operational disruptions

Better Resource Utilization

a strategic approach to resource utilization and investment, analysis of ROI under different risk scenarios, aiding better decision-making

Enhanced Reputation and Strategic Alignment

a strong GRC framework can boost stakeholder confidence and corporate reputation. It also helps align operational activities with strategic objectives, ensuring that the organization moves in the intended direction

Digital Twin. GRC. Transparency.

When Digital Twin and GRC are combined, Governance can be taken to the next level. Departments and Teams responsible for Risk Management, Compliance, Audit, and other operations are enabled to work together with all parts of an organization.

Metrix+ is a comprehensive solution for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC), offering a suite of features that address the various challenges organizations face in these domains. Metrix+ captures and visualizes organizational elements (objectives, projects, organizational structure, processes, services, IT resources, etc.) and links them to Risks and Policies. Metrix+ not only offers Assessment Management capabilities for conducting audits but also provides robust Performance Management features that offer a clear and comprehensive overview of an organization’s performance, helping identify areas that may require corrective or preventive actions.

Risk Identification and Assessment

Digital Twins serve as a valuable tool for risk identification and assessment by offering a dynamic, real-time perspective on an organization’s elements, encompassing its IT systems. This data can be leveraged to proactively pinpoint potential risks, ranging from equipment malfunctions and cyber threats to regulatory non-compliance.

Risk Mitigation

The capability to offer a live snapshot of the organization providing accurate and reliable data is invaluable to calculate and estimate the impact of risks.

Control Testing

Compliance monitoring

Audit Management

Policy Management

Committee Management

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